Care Information - Vase Arrangement

Your floral arrangement will be delivered in a vase filled with fresh water to keep the flowers hydrated during the delivery process.

Upon receiving the arrangement, place the vase in your desired location at home, ensuring it is kept away from direct sunlight and ripening fruits. This will prevent shortening the lifespan of the flowers and foliage in your arrangement.

To enjoy your flowers for longer, change the water in the vase once every two days, trimming the ends of the stems to give your flowers a clean surface to absorb water. Add a dash of flower food (provided with every delivery) to help give your flowers' lifespan a boost.

The flowers have a vase life of approximately 5-7 days. The berries and foliage used in the arrangement may last up to 10 days.

Care Information - Gelato

Store the gelato in the freezer upon delivery. As our gelato is made fresh, for best quality we recommend consuming the gelato as follows:

  • Gelato in the party cups are best consumed within a day of opening or within a week if unopened.
  • Gelato in the pint are best consumed within a week once opened, or within a month if unopened.

Delivery Information

Please note that your florals and gelato will be delivered separately on your selected day of delivery.