Cultivating Sanctuaries

At Birds of Paradise, our commitment to creating tranquil spaces extends beyond our gelato havens. Since 2016, we’ve envisioned a serene and joyful place. Through our community efforts, we nurture sanctuaries of peace, growth, and connection.

Guided by our four branches—Well-being, Sustainability, Empowerment, and Culture, we strive to make a meaningful impact in our community.

Our First Community Project

For our first community project, our crew volunteered to distribute gelato to injured migrant workers at a soup kitchen in Little India run by The Cuff Road Project. We learnt first-hand about the challenges migrant workers face working visibly for us and yet living invisibly amongst us, and this reinforced the raison d’etre for Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique.

All Sales Weekend

On the occasion of BOP’s 3rd birthday, we hatched the crazy idea of donating 100% of our sales (not just profits) over our birthday weekend to a community cause. That kicked o a long-term community partnership with EQUAL, a young charity organisation that uses animal-assisted learning to empower youths, people with special needs and the elderly.

Paying It Forward

In 2020, we continued our commitment to community support despite the pandemic. We pledged 100% of our online sales during Singapore’s “Circuit Breaker” to EQUAL and HealthServe. We also rallied local businesses to match public donations, raising $68k for HealthServe. Our tradition of donating 100% of birthday weekend sales to EQUAL continued, and we remained dedicated to making a positive impact.

Expanding Our Impact

In 2021, we continued to make a positive impact on our community. We committed to training interns from Delta Senior School (APSN), resulting in one student joining our team full-time. We brought gelato and entertainment to migrant workers during the pandemic and maintained our tradition of donating 100% of our birthday weekend sales to EQUAL. Additionally, we inspired other businesses by sharing our community impact framework at Apple’s Creativity for Business series.

Strengthening Our Community Efforts

In 2022, we deepened our commitment to our community by donating 100% of sales from our four gelato boutiques to EQUAL, HealthServe, and W!ld Rice. This year, we focused on the overarching theme of well-being, supporting animal-assisted learning, holistic health care for migrant workers, and the magic of theatre. We were also honoured to be named a Champion of Good, a national recognition by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, which encouraged us to continue our efforts.


Our well-being initiatives focus on improving the mental and physical health of our community. We support HealthServe, engage in community partnerships, and volunteer with EQUAL to promote overall wellness and community support.


We are committed to sustainability and environmental protection by reducing and repurposing waste, using bamboo cups, and encouraging our Bring Your Own (BYO) initiative. Our goal is to foster eco-friendly practices and reduce our environmental footprint.


Our empowerment programs aim to support and uplift diverse groups within our community. We offer internships with Delta Senior School, inclusive hiring for people with special needs, and partnerships with local art groups. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and support for marginalized groups.


We contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape through meaningful partnerships and events. Our collaborations with local art groups, support for theatre and the arts, and participation in events like #todayatapple enrich our community with cultural and artistic engagement.