Spiced Pear Tart & Gelato Set

This set comprises two specials from our Christmas Collection - a pint of Dark Chocolate Mint sorbet, and Plain Vanilla Bakery’s Spiced Pear & Nut Tart.

Set contains

Spiced Pear & Nut Tart
Inspired by Birds of Paradise's Spiced Pear gelato and created for our collaborative Christmas collection, Plain Vanilla’s tart features spiced poached pears encased in a candied ginger-almond frangipane baked in a hazelnut shortbread tart, dusted with icing sugar. This 9” tart yields 8-12 slices. Contains nuts.

Dark Chocolate Mint Sorbet Pint
A limited-time Christmas special. Unadulterated chocolate couverture dressed with a touch of mint.  Serves 4 to 6 scoops of gelato. Dairy-free, vegan-friendly.

 Refer to the 'Christmas Specials' in our FAQ for storage & consumption guide.

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