Christmas Gelato Set

A Christmas special with limited-time flavour, Dark Chocolate Mint Sorbet, and a trio of gelato curated to complement this season's feasting. Perfect for gifting.

Set contains
Dark Chocolate Mint Sorbet Pint
A limited-time Christmas special. Unadulterated chocolate couverture dressed with a touch of mint.  Dairy-free, vegan-friendly.

Hazelnut Gelato Pint
Simple, stunning and delicate on the palate. Contains dairy.

Strawberry Basil Gelato Pint
The tang of red strawberries is rounded off with the mellow tones of a basil infusion. Contains dairy.

Spiced Pear Gelato Pint
The musky fragrance of Williams pear is complemented with the woody accents of cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Contains dairy.

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    Each pint serves 4-6 scoops

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